Well I thought that I knew,

but now I’m not so sure.

I thought that I had decided to be a vampire victim for the college halloween party tomorrow, which basically meant wearing a black vest, black ponti skirt and fake bloodtrickling down my neck from two ‘eyeliner’ holes.

But I was going through the drawer with fancy dress stuff and I got thinking, maybe I don’t have to be scary.

I could be a greek goddess, I’ve worn this costume before but ahh well, and this time I’d d something about the fact that it is pretty much see-through, I’ll wear a white slip underneath or something.

the only thing is it's a little bit too short:/

Or I could be a hippie in a denim mini wth flowers embroidered on it with a hippie waistcoat and head tie.

this waistcoat, not the crazy trousers

Flat gladiator sandles with the geek costume, wedges with the hippie and ridiculously high black ankle boots for the vampire victim. And suitable makeup for each.

Please give me an opinion on which one to be, the more options I give myself, the harder it is to choose one:/



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The Social Network.

I’d never really appreciated the history of Facebook, all the time and money that went into it, the relationships sacrificed for it and of course, the lawsuits it resulted in.

I’ve always kind of just assumed that it would be there, well since I became a member anyway, and I’ve never realised how large a role it plays in my life. My mother was onto something when she said that I am Facehooked.

Whenever I here something amusing or sad or a thought I want to share just pops into my head – status.

Planning a party – send out an invite on Facebook.

Attending a party – discuss outfits and have any other pre-party conversations on Facebook.

After the party – upload/view/talk about photos and relive the party.

Meet someone new – Facebook them.

Want to talk to someone who is useless with a phone – Facebook chat/inbox them or leave them a wall post.

Want to be a bitch or a gossip – status again.

Bored out of your mind – Facebook stalk. We all do it. You could probably spend hours trawling through Facebook looking for old friends and distant relatives, browsing through people’s photos, joining groups or liking pages with amusing but true names.

Facebook has :

  • More than 500 million active users
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • Average user has 130 friends
  • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

How long each day do you spend on facebook? How many times a day to you post  new status? How many times a day do check your Facebook page for pokes, comments and likes? Probably a lot more tan you would like to admit.

Facebook plays a central role in the lives of both the old and the young.

But my question is, is that a good or a bad thing? :s



P.S. go see The Social Network, you’ll love it 😉

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7 Things to do whilst hula hooping

1) Listen to music
2) Read a book
3) Do the macarena
4) Talk on the phone
5) Text
6) Watch a film/ tv
7) Do a new blog post

I’ve been hula hooping for about 20 minutes now and I’ve managed to do all of the above. Comment if you can think of other things to do whilst hula hooping ! 😀



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Sooo… Half term has officially begun.

Which means it is time to start planning my novel for NaNoWriMo, attack my mountain of homework and of course PARTAAY!

For the next hour of so, I’m going to write a couple of prologues and email them to a couple of friends and ask them which would be better to develop into a novella. A couple of ideas came to me in the shower today, for some reason all my ideas seem to come to me in the shower.

I’ll probably post samples of each chapter on here as I go along (feedback is encouraged!) . I should probably give some thought to a title, until now it hadn’t even crossed my mind!

I’m still not totally sure about what to wear for the college halloween party and the real halloween party, maybe about 90% sure, but when it comes to clothes, 10% is a lot.

I think I’m going to have to go into town a little earlier than expected tomorrow to do a little shopping before seeing social network or whatever it’s called, it looks awesome, I’m pretty excited to see it 😀 .

So, yeah, I’m going to get cracking on this story, I doubt I’ll finish it (a novel in 30 days?!?!?!?!) but I’ll give it a shot.



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Risque Glee Photoshoot

 Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith A.K.A Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray and Finn Hudson getting up close and personal wearing very little clothing in a red hot photoshoot for GQ.

I think of these as being teenagers from one of my favourite all singing, all dancing high school tv show so it’s a little strange to see them dressed in lingerie in well, provacative poses:/

But I guess they are adults and they do have lives outside of Glee. It just does’t seem right.

It’s like seeing Miley Cyrus dancing around a pole or in the can’t be tamed video – SHE’S HANNAH MONTANA!

It’s just sooo weird to see my favourite on screen teenagers like this, it just feels like they are their characters:/

What do you think about these Glee stars in GQ? Right or wrong? Let me know.



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The Most Beautiful Nerd in theWorld

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OMG last night

was THE funniest night of my entire life.

I walked in to see a cow, complete with rubber glove udders and a bottle of gin and squash standing in the living room doorway.

The same cow would later have snuff all over her face and me laughing so much I nearly fell down the stairs! I love you, you crack me up:P

GOODING! Omg, crawling around on all fours saying meow! and sucking the udders! my laugh went so high it was practically inaudible! I have never seen him drunk before!

All in all, a great party, dancing, chatting, laughing so much my stomach actually hurt!


Well, I need to concentrate on xfactor catch-up from last night. MARY BYRNE<3



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