Lessons learned – the hard way.

DO try and avoid hitting your head when climbing out of a car. It hurts. A lot.

DON’T wait until the day before a fancy dress costume to get your costume.

DO learn to trust your friends – a problem shared is a problem halved after all.

ALWAYS check to see if your dress is see-through before leaving the house.

NEVER eat snail shells. Just don’t. It’s gross.

DO have a beauty routine – cleanse, tone and moisturise!

DON’T be afraid to try new things – you just might be surprised.

IF you plan on writing and anonymous blog DON’T tell your friends, you’ll only end up having nightmares.

DON’T eat just before wearing a bikini – you’ll just feel fat.

DON’T go to bed with your makeup on – it’s not good for your skin and you’ll wake up looking like a panda.

DO try to set aside time each night to do your homework, during which time you will switch off your phone and stay away from facebook and msn. CONCENTRATE! Or try anyway;)


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