I’m going to London to buy a heat magasine…

I am currently sitting in the back of the car on the M4 en route to London. This weekend looks set to be “Wicked”.
We’ve made some sort of plan for today. Arrive at the hotel at about 11, dump the car with the valet, hop in a taxi and head over to covent garden and the giant ferrero rocher christmas tree, grab some lunch, do some shopping, then head to chez gerard for dinner at 5:30 before we see WICKED at the apollo victoria at 7:30.

(Handy hint – if you want something make sure there is alcohol available. I waited until my auntie was suitably intoxicated before asking her ever so sweetly if we could go see Wicked when we went to London and the result was her booking a hotel in Mayfair and spending £195 on theatre tickets 😉 )

Right, well I need to conserve battery on my blackberry, so I’m going to finish here but I shall return later with a review of Wicked!




About girlsixteen

I'm a sixteen year old sixth former who loves to read, write, shop and dance around my room trying on all my clothes listening to cheesy music:) feel free to read/comment/suscribe to my blog, in fact, please do! xoxo
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