Well I thought that I knew,

but now I’m not so sure.

I thought that I had decided to be a vampire victim for the college halloween party tomorrow, which basically meant wearing a black vest, black ponti skirt and fake bloodtrickling down my neck from two ‘eyeliner’ holes.

But I was going through the drawer with fancy dress stuff and I got thinking, maybe I don’t have to be scary.

I could be a greek goddess, I’ve worn this costume before but ahh well, and this time I’d d something about the fact that it is pretty much see-through, I’ll wear a white slip underneath or something.

the only thing is it's a little bit too short:/

Or I could be a hippie in a denim mini wth flowers embroidered on it with a hippie waistcoat and head tie.

this waistcoat, not the crazy trousers

Flat gladiator sandles with the geek costume, wedges with the hippie and ridiculously high black ankle boots for the vampire victim. And suitable makeup for each.

Please give me an opinion on which one to be, the more options I give myself, the harder it is to choose one:/




About girlsixteen

I'm a sixteen year old sixth former who loves to read, write, shop and dance around my room trying on all my clothes listening to cheesy music:) feel free to read/comment/suscribe to my blog, in fact, please do! xoxo
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