Public Transport

Really anoys me. You have to wait aaaages for a bus to turn up because the 3 that should have arrived seem to have disappeared – and then when a bus finally rolls up to your stop its either full to bursting point, the only seat left is next to a fat smelly chav or a fat smelly chav insists on sitting next to you!

I have to say though – there are some really adorable pensioners to be found on public buses, its like a nightclub for over 60s. I swear it is where they meet all their friends – telling each new buddy their entire life story , so the whole bus ends up knowing it too.

This bus is surprisingly quiet actully. Most of the rowdy teenagers and shrill voiced children are in school and there are only about 3 chavs, except I’m sitting right by them and their conversation isn’t all that interesting to eavesdrop on.

I heard the word “bacardi” mentioned just then, and now they are discussing something that happened “3 days ago bruv, 3 days ago”. Oh god – they have started rapping:|

What have I done to deserve this, seriously? Why can my journey never pass by swiftly and peacefully.

Although I think completely differently when my friends and I are the rowdy teenagers singing along to our ipods and gossiping loudly 😉




About girlsixteen

I'm a sixteen year old sixth former who loves to read, write, shop and dance around my room trying on all my clothes listening to cheesy music:) feel free to read/comment/suscribe to my blog, in fact, please do! xoxo
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