FML and my effort grades :|

I did try to do some more best choice before 9a.m this morning but when I was halfway through the last page at 5 to 9 INTERNET EXPLORER STOPPED WORKING AND HAD TO CLOSE THE PROGRAMME!


What a waste of my time. Now my effort grades won’t be too great and oh look – one more minute til they are downloaded:|

They should be being downloaded right about…


But on the plus side – NO COLLEGE TODAY! 😀

Thank you whoever invented inset days, it just feels so much better having a day of knowing that most other people are in school today:)

However, my plans for the stay have still not been, planned?

I’m going to watch last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (sky plus<3)

and then maybe go into town, buy that pencil skirt, or whatever else catches my eye tbh – I really don’t have enough funds to support this addicition though.


All I know is that right now, I’m going to go and have some breakfast.

Morning all.



About girlsixteen

I'm a sixteen year old sixth former who loves to read, write, shop and dance around my room trying on all my clothes listening to cheesy music:) feel free to read/comment/suscribe to my blog, in fact, please do! xoxo
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One Response to FML and my effort grades :|

  1. Silva says:

    loving the new blog lou! xxxx

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