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I’m going to London to buy a heat magasine…

I am currently sitting in the back of the car on the M4 en route to London. This weekend looks set to be “Wicked”.
We’ve made some sort of plan for today. Arrive at the hotel at about 11, dump the car with the valet, hop in a taxi and head over to covent garden and the giant ferrero rocher christmas tree, grab some lunch, do some shopping, then head to chez gerard for dinner at 5:30 before we see WICKED at the apollo victoria at 7:30.

(Handy hint – if you want something make sure there is alcohol available. I waited until my auntie was suitably intoxicated before asking her ever so sweetly if we could go see Wicked when we went to London and the result was her booking a hotel in Mayfair and spending £195 on theatre tickets 😉 )

Right, well I need to conserve battery on my blackberry, so I’m going to finish here but I shall return later with a review of Wicked!



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After neary an hour’s hard(ish) work..

..with breaks for reading and singing along to the radio,

my room is now tidy 🙂

All my art work has finally been neatly stowed away instead of being stacked against the wall.

Every item in the growing mountain of clothes has been folded or hung.

I’ve hoovered and polished.

And I’ve even made the bed, even though I’ll be going to bed in an hour or two.

But of course there is still an acceptable amount of teenage girl clutter.

The top of my chest of drawers is still partially covered by my ipod, a mask from art, my makeup bag, a hairbrush or two, afew bottles of perfume and inexplicably a hairbrush? But i have taken them off and polished underneath 🙂

And yes, there is a garland of flowers and my old school tie hanging off the corner of my bookshelves, but the books themselves are standing neatly, arranged in a sytem known only to me.

There is a small stack of magasines and a few more books piled on the purple box next to my wardrobe – but i ran out of room on my bookshelves!!

Still, it IS pretty darn tidy, the floor is clear, as is my windowsill and pretty much everything is in it’s rightful place.

I DO love havin a tidy room, it’s just that sometimes that stack of books overflows onto the floor, i’m feeling to lazy to put my clothes away and i just want to kick my shoes off – not put them away properly 😉

And by the way…

my room is pink (A)



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these puppies are staying on

We are trapped in a room, unable to reach a toilet, cans of strongbow teetering precariously on various surfaces half ( well, girls) in pyjamas, the rest still in their clothes, all begining to show signs of tiredness.

A far cry from the excitedment caused by the fireworks earlier, I love fireworks, I really do, we even listened to the song by katy perry.

Katie perry and russel brand – what a hot couple 😉

I love virgin media music on demand – we listed to everything from the macarena and mambo number 5 to lady soveriegn and and lil mama, it was odd, but good:D it takes two by easy rock is currently playing :L

Boys never eat, dave provided burgers and hotdogs (condiments included) and I think that maybe one boy touched the food:p though the mini jam donuts were a different story;)

Well, I need to stop being so antisocial and join in the conversation :p

But, remember remember the 5th of november, gunpowder treason and plot, I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot;)



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There really is no excuse for a VPL,

I mean, c’mon girls, there is a whole array of lovely lingerie out there in every fabric imaginable  BUT WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT THROUGH YOUR CLOTHES!!

It is just completely unnecessary to flaunt the outline of your underwear, so just keep it seamless okay?


But on a slighty more positive note I have just returned from a visit to my “alma mater” where I saw this year’s production of footloose and I have to say I really liked it,  and not just because my name is sung quite often;)

During the interval we went wild with nostalgia, running down the corridors, collapsing into our old space and even venturing upstairs to where we did prefect duty – oh to be young and carefree in high school 😉

Had a lovely chat with Cush and Mrs James, the latter being one of my favourite teachers of all time, and of course the experience wouldn’t have been complete without Molly’s cry of  – STEVE YOU DA MAN!!

Ohh steve ❤

All in all, it was a lovely evening (even though my chair was rather uncomfortable) and I’m pretty sure they haven’t seen the last of us yet – THE TEN WILL BE BACK!



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100 reasons why HP is better than twilight

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Will someone please explain because

I really don’t understand why Hollister is such a big deal.

It is too dark and a smell which should be pleasant is way too concentrated in such a small crowded space.

The shoppers consist of a few pretty people but mostly of pretty wannabes – those people who are completely deluded and think that they can inprove their appearence and social status by dressing in hollister.

In my very humble opinion, Hollister is nothing special, sure the clothes are nice enough, but no nicer than any other shop, in fact, It is basically overpriced beachwear.

I don’t know how many times people will have to enter into this dark cavern and hear, “hi guys welcome to the pier” before they realise that it is nothing more than a clothing shop with attractive sales assistants and christmas music playing in november – probably to try and cheer up the poor people (including my adorably clueless grandmother and my sheep of a brother) waiting in the queue which stretches the length of the store.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t shop in hollister at all, just that it is no more special than any other shop and doesn’t really deserve the hype.

Just my opinion;)



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